Behavioural Training
Team Building

Team Building

Problem Solving and Decision Making.

  •  Understanding Your Personal Style

  •         Discussing the decision makers style and attitude

  •  Problem solving, Decision making, Contingency Planning and Creativity

  •  How Decisions Go Wrong

  •         Overcoming Faulty Problem-Solving Techniques

  •         Def of a problem

  •         Getting to the root cause

  •  "P" Problems as "PC" opportunities: As explained by Steven Covey Method 1 for problem

The process involves six basic steps, which could be used for immediate to complex problem

Step 1: Identify and select the problem
Step 2: Analyze the Problem
Step 3: Generate Potential Solutions
Step 4: Select and Plan the solution - Eliminating Options
Step 5: Implement the solution
Step 6: Evaluate the solution

Learning new models for critical thinking and effective decision making this is a quick over view of 5 decision-making techniques

Elements of decision making
  •  Objectives

  •  Alternatives

  •  Risks

Practicing Your New Skills
  •  Rationale quality

  •   Commitment to implement

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